But not, within the Agitate Halation Arc, she returned to this lady former outbursts relationships towards your

But not, within the Agitate Halation Arc, she returned to this lady former outbursts relationships towards your

Touma does not believe that she should get off easy for the lady steps before and you will thoroughly thinks she is always to face a good demo, but he will not allow her become savagely killed during the the name of one’s Alliance’s justice. Just after is allies, he becomes a bit friendly and you may familiar for the Othinus, adequate you to definitely she’s got so you’re able to continuously remind your you to definitely she actually is a good god and this he cannot do it. From the book, Touma and you will Othinus create an enthusiastic unbreakable bond where they rely upon one another, due to the fact discussed when Touma face Silvia and you will Brunhild and eventually when he saves Othinus.

Ollerus states that when either Touma otherwise Othinus died in top of 1 some other, of a lot change could happen, having Touma altering their nature and you will Othinus are a beast far alot more cruel than what she try prior to.

Mikoto had a great crush towards Touma for a long period however, she noticed that she got fell crazy about him near the termination of the new Acqua of Right back Arch

Certainly one of all characters regarding the collection, Othinus is arguably qualify as closest to help you Touma, will insisting to mark along with Touma within his pouches after become shorter, in spite of the possibility, providing him guidance for the not just in the fresh new matters off secret and in addition showing-off simply how much she knows Touma’s characteristics In reality, both Touma and you may Othinus by herself provides referenced its relationships due to the fact the woman are Touma’s Understander ( ??? , Rikai-sha ? ) .

Misaka Mikoto

Touma first met Mikoto when she was being harassed by the delinquents and, unaware of the woman Peak 5 characteristics, he attempted to conserve her. He affect made the lady crazy, hence resulted in this lady frying all the delinquents by herself. [32] The guy easily finds out of their mistake, and in the first world regarding the List show he aims to save different delinquents away from their. [33] He genuinely cares on her because revealed during the Siblings Arch, as he eliminated this lady off obtaining herself killed and you will consoled this lady when she cried. Mikoto try one of the primary individuals get a hold of Touma’s loss of memory, albeit by accident. [ citation called for ]

Given that recognizing the girl thoughts, Mikoto might have been ready to get involved in Touma’s existence, trying save yourself your during World Conflict III and you can using him in order to The state within the Hawaiian Intrusion Arc. Inside the second experience, she and additionally attempted initiate a partnership with him, though she supported when trying supply your a ring she ordered. After the fresh new Hawaiian Attack Arch, Mikoto advised Touma one she’ll happen their burdens escort Greeley having him and that he could be not alone. Touma try pleased for just what Mikoto told you, however, the guy thought that he could maybe not allow her to score wrapped up in his difficulties. As he gone back to Academy City that’s immediately involved into the a risky disease, she acknowledged one Touma can not be stored back to their measures, and can support him in the endeavours regardless of if these people were hazardous. She means it an indication of are good “a great lady”. [ citation necessary ] On the Magic God Othinus Arch, Mikoto faces towards Touma’s ideals in securing Othinus and you will sustaining the newest “best globe.” Even with his pleas, she cannot believe their declare that a world without him carry out remove the latest sins linked to your. Advising Touma to not ever be limited by meaningless values, and you will bear the weight off this lady coming and half dozen billion somebody. Having a smile, Mikoto brings Touma a hug, and surprises having your along with her power, and come up with him get rid of consciousness. Despite in the long run beating Touma at his video game, Mikoto feels the girl profit try empty.