Careful and right use of fur coats prolongs their life expectancy. Therefore, the company suggests the following basic rules for better preservation:

  • Avoid dust and stains, which damage the fur.
  • Occasionally air your fur outside. More preferable during sunny days in winter or at shade in summer, avoiding direct contact with the sun especially if you own a dyed fur coat.
  • Avoid contact with water i.e. rain or sleet, as well as intense sunshine. In case the fur gets wet, you must shake it so as to get dry and hang it to dry in room temperature. Don’t dry it near a radiator or similar equipment. When it gets dry shake it slightly and brush it with metal brush in the way of hair.
  • Keep fur coats on hangers and near moth killers.

During the long preservation of the fur in confined room, you should dry and air it as well as change the moth killer once every 6 months.